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Welcome to the CIGNYS Employee Benefits Web Site!


Dear Employee:


This site contains important information about the benefits available to you and your family as an employee of Cignys.


Cignys offers a wide range of benefit programs designed to help make your life easier and more secure.  These benefits are like a hidden pay check -- an important, yet often overlooked part of your total compensation, that can help you pay for health care expenses, save for retirement, or provide for your family’s financial security if you become disabled or die.  In addition to the benefits described in the following pages, paid time off, holiday, and education benefits also are available to you as an Cignys employee.


Company payments for these benefits are considerable and it is important that you use your benefits wisely.  We urge you to study this information thoroughly now, and encourage you to return to the site when you have questions.  Eligibility requirements and specific benefits of the various programs are outlined in each section.  As Cignys improves and changes these benefits from time to time, you will receive notice that the site has been updated.


If you have any questions regarding your benefits package, please contact your company’s benefits coordinator or send an email to 



Cignys is both the sponsor and administrator of these employee benefit plans.  As the administrator, Cignys has the sole discretion and entire authority to determine and resolve all questions regarding eligibility for benefits and to construe and interpret the provisions of the benefit plans.  Benefit determinations and plan interpretations made in good faith are conclusive and binding on all employees and beneficiaries.

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